Pure Indulgence™ Beauty Cream

A luxuriously unique beauty cream that includes only natural active ingredients

  • Highest quality hypo-allergenic natural ingredients combined to target wrinkles and moisturise effectively.
  • Creating a plumping and moisturising effect leaving your skin feeling radiant and glowing with health.
  • Perfect for youthful and mature skin, for use both night and day.
  • The gentle, subtle aroma comes only from the essential oils we use.
  • From the delicate yet sensual aroma when you first open the lid, to the silky smoothness as you spread it, to the smooth satin feel of your skin when you have it on your body, it is indeed Pure Indulgence.

    "The lovely Pure Indulgence face cream is quite as good as any and very pleasant to use. Makes me feel good too!"

         - Dr H Young

    "Just to let you know that the cream *(Pure Indulgence) is lovely. I have a very sensitive skin, but it is great."

         -Helen Broom, Tiverton Devon

    Synergistic Formulation

    Natural Beauty CreamThe special synerigistic formulation of Pure Indulgence means that the whole is far greater than the parts.  When blended together the active properties of each natural ingredient is enhanced and strengthened.

    This remarkable formulation with so many outstanding and universally acclaimed ingredients offers a veritable roll-call of skincare products in one. The names say it all:

    • Sweet Almond Oil -  Makes skin soft and smooth
    • Evening Primrose Oil -  Promotes healthy skin
    • Jojoba Oil -  Conditions skin and hair
    • Shea Butter -  Anti-irritancy, anti-inflammatory, enhanced UV-B protection
    • Cocoa Butter -  Natural moisturiser
    • Aloe Vera -  Smoothing and healing
    • Allantoin  - Heals and moisturises
    • Horsetail Extract -  Repairs connective tissue
    • Linalool (Lavender) -  Lessens stress, improves sleep
    • Co-enzyme Q10 -  As you read through this leaflet you will be told of all their properties so you can see fully what you now possess.

    Pure Indulgence ™ - Truly special and giving you an advanced natural beauty treatment all in one.

    Natural, Ethical

    We take great pride in providing you with a top quality natural product; we also want to look after the world and the animals in it:

    • Contains no Parabens and no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
    • Free from animal testing
    • Approved by the Vegan Society and BUAV
    • All active ingredients of natural plant origin
    • Recyclable container
    • Your money is paying for the highest quality product, not wasted on an unnecessarily expensive container
    Pure Indulgence!  Purchase here


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