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Facial Psoriasis

Facial psoriasis can initially be confused with other skin problems as it is seldom as severe as elsewhere and therefore not so obvious as to what it is.

Your facial skin is softer and more tender than the rest of your body, making it potentially harder to treat psoriasis there - also because the skin is thinner. So don't expect immediate results with your treatment. Take your time and persevere.

As with all psoriasis, there are many forms of treatment available, although severe cases should always be subject to medical advice.

For normal moderate cases, there are creams and gels (natural ingredient base products being very gentle and emollient) which can greatly reduce or stop itching and plaque whilst in use.

As always, individual body chemistry will determine what specific products work best for you, so you may have to try a few different products to get what you want.  But it is worth the small investment as, when you have found your own solution, you can stop looking.


Psoriasis and Stress

There is little doubt that there is often at least some link between stress and psoriasis. However the situation is not always clear or easily understood.

The onset of psoriasis may follow a period of high stress and be apparently (or actually) part of the response to that stress.

But the appearance of psoriasis can then itself cause stress, setting off a circular pattern where stress and psoriasis both feed off and cause or exacerbate each other.

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A Little Bit of Advice

Gel for psoriasis
If you are using a gel for your psoriasis, do bear in mind that it will be effective for only so long, so re-apply when you feel the effect wearing off.
Also, if the affected area is covered by clothing, you should let the gel sink in and dry before putting the clothes on, as they will otherwise rub it off or absorb it, and you want your body to do the absorbing. So always leave it for a few minutes before dressing.
If the area(s) is particularly bad it is worth considering either wearing soft, non-abrasive material or even wearing for example short trousers or short sleeves for a few days till it is under control.

Remember to reapply when the effect wears First ofoff.


Firstly, let me wish you all a happy and irritation-free New Year.

I thought I'd start 2013's blog with a little advice on using psoriasis gel.

If you are using a geto treat your psoriasis, please do bear in mind that it will be effective for only so long, so you need to re-apply it when you feel the effect wearing off.

Also, if the affected area is covered by clothing, you should let the gel sink in and dry completely before getting dressed. Otherwise, they will rub it off or absorb it, and it's your body to do the absorbing!

If the area(s) is particularly bad it might be worth considering either wearing soft, non-abrasive material or even wearing for example short trousers or short sleeves for just a few days until it's back under control. 

So, always leave it for a few minutes before dressing, and always remember to reapply when the effect wears off.


Psoriasis in Winter

Psoriasis and Winter
Winter is a bad time of the year for those with psoriasis because it brings with it dry air which in turn leads to dry skin, and dry skin can lead to little cracks in the skin, the precursor psoriasis in sufferers.
The surface skin renews itself about every month with old dead cells being shed and replaced by new ones. In the case of psoriasis, this process is much quicker and the renewal can take place in as little as 2 to 3 days. However the dead cells do not shed off as normal skin cells do, while new cells are formed so quickly that they stick to each other and create what is known as plaque. All those who suffer from psoriasis will know what this means - red, dry skin which is very often itchy and becomes more so as your skin dries. The answer to this is to use a moisturising cream or gel which will protect the skin, help to prevent cracking by moisturising it, and generally assist the whole condition.
So bearing in mind that one of the root causes of psoriasis is lack of moisture in the skin, there are a number of things that are worth doing. The first thing is to make sure the body's liquid levels are high by drinking enough water. As noted above, using an effective moisturiser should also alleviate any existing condition.
One of the understandable things to do in winter is to make sure that you have plenty of warm clothes so that you don't get too cold; however this can also lead to another cause of problems with psoriasis, and that is sweat which can exacerbate the condition. So make sure that you wear garments that don't irritate you in anyway, and also rather than a single heavy garment, wear a number of layers so that you can peel off as necessary if you start beginning to sweat, and keep just a nice dry warmth.
If your house is centrally heated and very dry, consider buying a humidifier to prevent to your skin becoming too dry.
Finally, bath's are better than showers. If you must take a shower (and a long hot shower will reduce the moisture in your skin) then make sure it is not too hot and that you do not stay in it too long. Lying back in a bath in pleasantly warm water and relaxing is the best thing to do. When you get out, don't forget to use your moisturiser!

Winter is a bad time of the year for those with psoriasis because it brings with it dry air which in turn leads to dry skin.  Dry skin can then lead to little cracks in the skin, which are the precursor of psoriasis in sufferers.  So here are some tips to help you through the colder months.

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Pregnant Safe

All Katharine Botanicals Psoriasis products are perfectly safe for use by pregnant women

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