Psoriasis Treatment Gel and a University Reunion

Hi Katharine,

I saw that you are allowing contributions to your blog and thought you might like to hear about an old friend of mine who has suffered from psoriasis for many years.

We were at university together (far too many years ago to count now!) and she had the most awful psoriasis, mainly on her body but occasionally on her arms and face too.  I can still remember the smell of the horrible tar stuff she used to use to try to treat it, but it never really seemed to make a huge amount of difference.   And even in those days she was very environmentally aware and hated using anything chemical on her skin, but she didn’t have a great deal of choice.  You can only imagine how she felt.

Anyway, we caught up again for the first time in years just before Christmas, and she was STILL suffering as she said there was still no effective psoriasis treatment, chemical or otherwise that did much beyond alleviating it for a very short time.  I then remembered I’d seen that you have a Psoriasis Treatment Gel on your website, when I was buying your marine collagen supplement, so I suggested she might give it a go as she had nothing to lose – particularly as it’s completely natural and not made from animal products (she’s also a vegetarian!).

This was all a couple of months ago, and she’s just emailed me to thank me for recommending your gel, which she has been using ever since. She says that it’s the best product she’s ever tried and that it’s cleared up her psoriasis like I wouldn’t believe.  I think she’s also using the shampoo and conditioner now as well as she likes the gel so much! So I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my very happy friend as this has made such a big difference to her everyday life. Oh, and I really like your marine collagen supplement and Pure Indulgence cream too, they make me feel like university wasn't so long ago after all when I look in the mirror now....!




"The lovely Pure Indulgence face cream is quite as good as any and very pleasant to use. Makes me feel good too!”

- Dr H Young


Pregnant Safe

All Katharine Botanicals Psoriasis products are perfectly safe for use by pregnant women

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