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Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo
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Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo


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Natural Shampoo To Soothe and Relieve Scalp Psoriasis

Our products are suitable for men, women and children. They are even gentle enough for young babies.

All Katharine Botanicals Psoriasis products are:

  • hypoallergenic
  • free from animal products
  • paraben free
  • free from sodium lauryl sulphate

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

  • A painful and itchy scalp
  • Red areas characterised with scaling and unsightly plaque
  • Are you fed up with the awful smell of the tar based chemical shampoos?

"They really have changed my life and I am sure they will help you too."  Lucy

How Our Shampoos Work

Psoriasis ConditionerA normal shampoo aims to remove the oils, skin particles and environmental pollutants that can build up on the hair or scalp.  This cleansing process can be too harsh for Psoriasis sufferers, as removing the oils can leave the scalp dry and prone to further cracking and flaking .  This can result in an aggravated condition.

Our shampoo uses a variety of natural ingredients and essential oils to nuture and promote the health of your scalp. Our shampoo is mild, so does not strip the natural oils from your hair. The specially selected ingredients help to moisturise your scalp allowing it to heal.

Each ingredient has different healing and health promoting properties.  When combined the result is usually a calm, plaque free and well conditioned scalp.  Leaves your hair clean, soft and with a healthy shine.

Recommended Usage

  1. Wash with Psoriasis Shampoo. The gentle formulae will clean your hair, leaving it sweet smelling and irritation free.
  2. Apply Psoriasis Conditioner. This is where the real magic happens! Allow the conditioner to soak in to penetrate your scalp and soften any plaque. Leave for at least 5 - and up to 15 minutes if you can spare the time. When you rinse away, the conditioners active ingredients will still be present protecting and conditioning your scalp.

The active ingredients are the same in both shampoo and conditioner, so avoid any negative reaction from conflicting ingredients.  The residue left from the conditioner will continue to keep your scalp healthy between washes.

By using Psoriasis Shampoo and Conditioner in conjunction you will be giving your scalp the best opportunity to heal.

Essential Oils and Plant Extracts and its usual beneficial benefits

Active IngredientsPropertiesBenefits
Chamomile Anti-inflammatory, strengthens and repairs skin tissue Calm and soothing on the skin, reduces puffyness and repairs irritated skin
Lavender Promotes healing and anti-inflammatory Speeds up the healing process and helps prevent scarring.  Soothing on the skin.
Rosemary Cleansing and rejuvenating, pain relief Keeps scalp clear of plaque, reduces pain and itchiness
Bergamot Antiseptic, cooling and refreshing Keeps your skin calm and helps to ward off infection

Designed for regular use.  For best results use with our natural Psoriasis Conditioner.


Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
Been using your shampoo for a few weeks and so happy with the results! Wonderful smell of lavender and camomile whilst showering and I don’t feel like I’m using medicine on my hair.

Rating: 5
Having only used what Drs have prescribed, I’m blown away by how pleasant and caring these products are. Now I don’t have to feel anxious about smelling like a chemical plant when out and about.

Rating: 5
From coal tar to lavender, I know which I prefer ;-)

Rating: 4
Bleeding stopped on the patches around my ears after a few rinses with the shampoo. Getting the conditioner today and hoping I’ll double the results!

Rating: 4
Your product has been such a success with my daughter, who is always afraid about other children noticing her scalp. After a few uses of your shampoo and conditioner she’s happy with herself again and that’s worth everything to me. Thank you so much.


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