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Katharine Botanicals' treatments are natural, developed to soothe your psoriasis effectively and without the use of tars, which are often found in other products.  All of our range is gentle enough to be used on children as well as men and women.

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What is Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease of the auto-immune system which displays itself on the skin.  Symptoms mainly manifest in the form of what is known as plaque - raised red lesions covered in what is known as ‘scale’ – dead skin cells, which are whitish in colour. Flare ups often occur following skin injury or other illness, with acne and psoriasis often causing simulataneous discomfort.

Psoriasis treatment can take many forms depending on how severe the symptoms are. For many a topical gel or cream should be enough to ease the symptoms and promote healing. Psoriasis skin care requires the careful consideration of products, as anything too abrasive ot heavily perfumed may cause discomfort. Hypnoallergenic, natural skin care products are often the safest option.

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Common Types of Psoriasis

  • Plaque psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris)
  • Inverse – appears in the groin, armpits back of knee and other skin folds
  • Erythrodermic – strong redness over large areas of the body
  • Guttate – red spots on the skin
  • Pustular – reddened skin surrounded by white blistering

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How do I treat it?

PsoriasisThe British Medical Association (BMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) state clearly that there is no known psoriasis cure and alleviation is currently the only solution. If you read claims of cure elsewhere, bear this in mind.

Topical gels and creams , mild shampoos and conditioners

Treatment for psoriasis often involves topical application of ointments and creams. Moisturising creams or lotions can be very effective in soothing dry, flaky skin.  In mild cases an emollient can be enough to treat mild psoriasis it will reduce the risk of cracking and scaling of dry skin.

Katharine Botanicals are pleased to offer a psoriasis gel containing only natural active ingredients.  It is designed to soothe the skin and alleviate the symptoms of acne psoriasis, and other skin conditions, harnessing the power of essential oils to promote healing.

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Herbal Treatment for Psoriasis

Many sufferers find herbal treatment for psoriasis, brings great relief - without prescription. Herbal psoraisis treatment includes psoriasis gels and creams harnessing the power of natural ingredients, as well as herbal shampoos and skincare products.

Herbal treatments which can benefit psoriasis sufferes include:

Chamomile: A naturally soothing and anti-inflammatory oil, Chamomile helps to ease the swelling and calm the skin. It eases puffiness and strengthens the skin tissue, helping to repair damaged skin. Chamomile is found to be soothing on oily, dry and irritated skin conditions.

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Psoriasis Skin Care

If you suffer from psoriasis, then caring for your skin is going to be high on your list of priorities. Psoriasis skin care is important as you don't want to aggravate your existing condition, so you will want to avoid any products containing anything which may trigger a flare up.

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I Have Psoriasis - This is My Story.

"I was so fed up with the products on the market, they were full of chemicals, smelt awful and were painful to use.  Thankfully I had the opportunity to help develop these natural products.  Please read my story below and I strongly recommend you give these fantastic products a try."

"They really have changed my life and I am sure they will help you too."

Lucy's Story

Psoriasis sufferer

"I used to have severe psoriasis on my scalp and it was very painful and blighting my life.

I tried everything I could but found tar-based products smelled awful and were painful to remove plaque with, while steroid-based products had their own drawbacks.

So I asked if the laboratories I worked for could possibly develop a nature-based solution using traditional plant ingredients such as juices and essential oils, and they came up with what is now the Katharine Botanicals psoriasis range. There were a number of samples so I tried them all, and settled on the best.

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Scalp Psoriasis, and Other Affected Areas

This form of psoriasis is extremely common, affecting as it does half or more of all people with psoriasis. It presents in the normal fashion as raised red lesions which later produce scale.

Scalp psoriasis runs the entire range from a very slight presence to extremely severe development; in fact the whole scalp can be encrusted causing severe distress and even lead to loss of hair. It often develops beyond the scalp onto the neck, forehead and ears.

Treating Scalp Psoriasis - soothing and healing

Psoriasis scalp treatment often takes the form of medicated mild shampoos or conditioners.

There are many forms of psoriasis scalp treatment, but you should consider how the treatment you adopt will affect your daily life. The most important thing to do is to get control of the lesions and crusting.

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Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis is a form of psoriasis which commonly starts in childhood or in young adults. It appears in the form of small red spots, which are usually less thick and crusty than those found with plaque psoriasis. The spots usually appear on the main torso and limbs.

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Pregnant Safe

All Katharine Botanicals Psoriasis products are perfectly safe for use by pregnant women

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Psoriasis Testimonials

"The products are pleasant to apply, cause no pain, are gentle on the skin and soften plaque, making it easy to remove. I really would not be without it. And it smells nice too!"

“This is the only product that has cleared up my psoriasis”

“Your gel gives better results than a well-known brand”

“Felt that it did more good than recommended creams from doctor”

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